Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Andy Griffith Show and Trip to Mount Airy

Did you have a favorite TV show when you were growing up ? I personally didn't have one for a couple of reasons. When I was growing  up we didn't have television, even when we did have televison we didn't have time to watch it. My husband does have one TV show that he continues to watch without fail before he goes to sleep at night. Im sure that you already know the answer "The Andy Griffith Show".

This show has been part of my life for the full 5 years of our marriage. Amazingly, I love this show too for many reasons:

1. I learn lots of morals behind the story of each episode
2. Love the simplicity of the story
3. Love Barney's character although sometimes he drives you crazy
4. Love Opie with his innocense and curiosity

Last summer right after Andy Griffith passed away we made a trip to Mount Airy, NC, the town where the story is based on. I love this little town in the middle of the mountain. This town is so beautiful, charming and friendly ( Southern Hospitality )


Andy Griffith trade mark statue with Opie

My personal Sheriff acting for one day Sheriff :)

I wish we still have all these prices today :)

Andy Griffith's original house where he grew up. They use it  now as a hotel for people who visit Mount Airy.
What show from your childhood do you still treasure ?

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