Monday, April 4, 2016

Spring at Maymont Park

What a wonderful day !
Today one of those day that I always happy about. Sunny, breezy cool air and beautiful surrounding with bird chirping.

Yesterday was the same.
After the church we had lunch at home and head out to our local garden call Maymont. We love to visit this garden. It's so beautiful and big. Not to mention it's free ( suggestion donation $5 ). Its works well with my frugal activities and budget :)

We walked around the garden to see the beautiful flowers. The tulips are blooming and some other flowers as well. We missed some of the cherry blossom, they starting to get some leaves.

Lots of people have the same idea like us. Came to this garden to enjoy the weather and the beautiful garden.
I'm so thankful for all the flowers and the people who taking care of them.

Maymont its a huge garden. They have a petting zoo, nature center and mansion that belong to the original owner which is the Dooley's family. You can tour the mansion as well with $5 suggestion donation per person. We always had a great time visiting this place.

Here are some of the pictures (lots of them ) . I hope you enjoy them as much as I do :)

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Our Christmas Decorations ( Frugal Theme )

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas celebration season.

We enjoy ours so far. We don't do much as shopping related. Instead we try to focus to spend time and the moment we have with each other. And refocusing what is the true meaning celebrating Christmas to us. We visited some places that have some kind Christmas celebrations.

One thing we do while we spending time together is decorating our town house. This year we just use what we have and not buying anything from the store. Most of our decorations we bought after season from the previous year or come from GW and thrift store.

Also, there is no color coordination, we just go with the  flow :)

I hope you enjoy our frugal Christmas decorations !

I love this nativity set and the church  I got from goodwill. 

Balsam Hill Tree that I got from GW for $25 ( big score :) 

Redskin ornament my husband team football.

Just throw a bunch of ornaments in the bowl 

Our fireplace


Dining table 

Love this ornament of 3 wisemen seeking the Savior. It reminds us during dinner time what is the true meaning of Christmas. 

All the stuff here are from thrift store or GW

View of fire place from the couch

We had my husband's cousin and his wife coming over one day for Sunday dinner.

I hope you all have a wonderful Merry Christmas and be blessed !!

Monday, December 7, 2015

How Is Life Lately ? ( with us )

Oh my....I feel I really neglected this blog. Its not on purpose I just don't have much time for the last 8 months.  I have been so busy since the last time I posted. We moved back to Virginia from Tennessee.
My husband job bring us back here with a better offer from the company.  Praise God for the blessings.
Since then, I have been busy unpacking all our belongings, donated stuff we been keeping for no reason at all other than collecting dust. Still a ton need to go.

My husbad job has been crazy busy than ever. We have friends and family coming over. We love spending summer with them. And we had such a great time.

I have been busy with my little business. So far I like with what I'm doing. Nothing big just enough to keep me busy during the day. Also, occasionally I do baby sit with 2 beautiful girls that I love.

We try to adjust again with this new stage of our life. We rent a town house in the other side of town from where we were before. We love this new area.
Starting looking for a new church that we can be part to serve and praise God.

I been busy doing some volunteers here and there.

This Thanksgiving weekend, we went to my brother in law house. We had a great time there with my signature brother in law fried turkey.

This months, Christmas is in the corner. Oh my...just like that. I don't even feel it. The year of 2015 almost gone.
This month we try to enjoy ourselves with not focusing on comersialism of Christmas. Instead, we really want to celebrate it with something meaningful. We went to this Christmas ministry by local church call Bethlehem walk. We really enjoyed it and very blessed from it.

This past week, I have been thinking about this blog and want to post again.

Hopefully I can keep up with it :)

Monday, March 30, 2015

Nashville Flea Market

Hi All !!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend !

Ours was wonderful. The weather was nice as well, a little bit cold but very sunny. So, its perfect for outside activity.

We went to Nashville Flea Market that happening every 3rd weekend of the month. This is the first time for us to visit this event.

We love it. The place is huge. You really need to prepare walk a lot. And if you are on the budget, bring your own food and drink.

They charge $5 for parking.

They have all kind of stuff. Things from brand new to dead people stuff ( antique :)

I love the furniture makeover stand. I love the collection. We just enjoy the market and just look around. We didn't buy anything ( because we just not need anything, yet :))

Thursday, March 19, 2015

My Jewelry Organizer ( Ice Trays )

I assume we ( women ) all love to have accessories as part of our fashion style. And one of them is jewelry. That is including me myself.

I'm blessed beyond my imagination with the jewelry I have now. I came from the family limited with money when it comes to buy something other than basic need and education.

Sometimes I think I have a little bit to much. When I see my jewelry drawer. Oh my...they are all over the drawer.

So, one morning I had this idea using the ice tray that we did not use anymore ( thank full for the ice maker :)

Final result I'm so happy with it. Now I can see what I have in my jewelry drawer.

And all my necklaces, I hang them at this padded organizer.

What a simple solution to organize your jewelry.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Spring Beauty and Blessing !!

This morning when I woke up and say a little prayer thanking God for the new day He gave me.

I got up prepare my breakfast and sat on breakfast table. As I was starting enjoying my simple breakfast. I look at my pot orchid that I bought a month ago to addition of  my orchid collection. And listening to the bird singing.

Tears came into my eyes. Thinking how great is my God that created that orchid and produce such simple yet so beautiful flowers for me to enjoy. The birds who singing without hesitation to enjoy the morning. Keep in mind it is raining here today in my area. The rain doesn't stop the birds from singing. What a beautiful picture to start the morning.

I realized the Winter almost over  and new life starting to coming out from the ground.
For some folks the winter might be longer or shorter it depend what part of globe you are live. But for sure it will come. Sometimes in our life our winter life could be longer and seems the Spring never come to show us the beauty of long waiting.

As I ponder in my heart of my own winter life. There is some part that seems we always on this winter  for so long and wonder when is the Spring will come. I don't know the answer for that but in the mean time I will enjoy the Spring nature that God gave to us.

So, there is time in everything !! Might be longer or shorter but Spring will come for us to enjoy the beauty of the colors and new life.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Random Things In Life

Hi All !

Wow...It has been almost 2 months I didn't do anything with this blog.  I have been busy with moving stuff. Trying to focus on EBay and all those kind unnecessary things in life.

We had a great New Year so far. Loving our  new place.
Speaking of weather...who would've thought moved to South will be warmer...I think we were wrong.
We got so many snow this a matter of fact we got tons of snow out side today. And still falling down.

Today, I will posting all the random things has  happened in our life for last 2 months. And hopefully more post in the future.  I will catch up with some project and like usual post.

Have a nice day everyone and enjoy the snow time if you have one :) !!

We had a nice company at the first week of February. We were blessed to  have to know a couple of friends here already. And we had a nice lunch and time together at our house. Most of all we had a nice time together getting to know each other. Look at all those meal..they were yum..:)

Had a great nice Valentine dinner with this handsome guy. Love it !!

Made this yummy Chili one day on the cold weather...!!

Bought those 2 chairs from TJ Maxx. Not sure yet...if we want to keep them ?? But I think it works well with the table and the painting. So, probably we will keep them :)

The weather we had last couple of weeks. The temperature was very cold and the road were icy and sleet :(

Finished this project with our dining table...changed the fabric seat. And we love the pattern...perfect for Spring !!