Thursday, March 5, 2015

Random Things In Life

Hi All !

Wow...It has been almost 2 months I didn't do anything with this blog.  I have been busy with moving stuff. Trying to focus on EBay and all those kind unnecessary things in life.

We had a great New Year so far. Loving our  new place.
Speaking of weather...who would've thought moved to South will be warmer...I think we were wrong.
We got so many snow this a matter of fact we got tons of snow out side today. And still falling down.

Today, I will posting all the random things has  happened in our life for last 2 months. And hopefully more post in the future.  I will catch up with some project and like usual post.

Have a nice day everyone and enjoy the snow time if you have one :) !!

We had a nice company at the first week of February. We were blessed to  have to know a couple of friends here already. And we had a nice lunch and time together at our house. Most of all we had a nice time together getting to know each other. Look at all those meal..they were yum..:)

Had a great nice Valentine dinner with this handsome guy. Love it !!

Made this yummy Chili one day on the cold weather...!!

Bought those 2 chairs from TJ Maxx. Not sure yet...if we want to keep them ?? But I think it works well with the table and the painting. So, probably we will keep them :)

The weather we had last couple of weeks. The temperature was very cold and the road were icy and sleet :(

Finished this project with our dining table...changed the fabric seat. And we love the pattern...perfect for Spring !!

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