Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Spring Beauty and Blessing !!

This morning when I woke up and say a little prayer thanking God for the new day He gave me.

I got up prepare my breakfast and sat on breakfast table. As I was starting enjoying my simple breakfast. I look at my pot orchid that I bought a month ago to addition of  my orchid collection. And listening to the bird singing.

Tears came into my eyes. Thinking how great is my God that created that orchid and produce such simple yet so beautiful flowers for me to enjoy. The birds who singing without hesitation to enjoy the morning. Keep in mind it is raining here today in my area. The rain doesn't stop the birds from singing. What a beautiful picture to start the morning.

I realized the Winter almost over  and new life starting to coming out from the ground.
For some folks the winter might be longer or shorter it depend what part of globe you are live. But for sure it will come. Sometimes in our life our winter life could be longer and seems the Spring never come to show us the beauty of long waiting.

As I ponder in my heart of my own winter life. There is some part that seems we always on this winter  for so long and wonder when is the Spring will come. I don't know the answer for that but in the mean time I will enjoy the Spring nature that God gave to us.

So, there is time in everything !! Might be longer or shorter but Spring will come for us to enjoy the beauty of the colors and new life.

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