Monday, June 3, 2013

Rafting Trip

Don't you love this view ? Yes, we had this beautiful weather this past Saturday. How was the weather around you this weekend. I hope you had a nice one. We had a nice weekend. We went rafting with some of friends from our church. This is the first trip for my husband doing rafting. I had been rafting once on New River, WV. First, I was hesitate to go because I can't swim and trauma. Our raft was flipped in WV and the rapid was in class 4 ( that was terrible experience ). But I was glad I went because we had a great time and fellowship with our friends.

The happy face of my husband. We went to James River in Buchanan County Virginia. The rapids was not great for raft ( hint we didn't wear helmet). I would go with kayak or canoe with this rapid if I could swim. I think I lost for about 5 pounds to keep that raft moving between four of us :). It was tiring ! But we had fun and great time that is the most important thing.

Our sweet friends :) The other 3 they went with canoes.  I'm sure they had much more fun on this kind of rapid. Sadly, their canoe flip over and they all got wet. I wish I had the pictures when their canoe got sinking ! { I know I'm bad :)}One of us just decided stay away from the water. Poor John !
We all went to Cracker Barrel for a late lunch and early dinner. All those 3 hours hard work on the river sure paid off at this country cooking restaurant :)

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