Friday, January 24, 2014

5 Ways to Use Orchid for Decoration

Orchid has been in my mind since I went to see the beauty of orchid this past weekend at our local garden. I've browsing and searching how people use orchid for decoration either around the house or for party. Orchid is one of those flower very unique. I mean this flower very pretty and elegant as it is. You don't need to add anything to make it looks attractive to your eyes. I got  2 pots of them and been blooming for a couple of times. I just love them.

Here are 5 ideas to use orchid for decoration. Of course you can use it more than 5 ways but I just want to share 5 of them with you.

1. Centerpiece

Part of the fun of having nice dinner or lunch is the centerpiece ( well for me at least :) You can use potted orchid or even arrange them. Don't you just love it when you get invited to dinner or lunch.

2. Orchid chair back.

The chair with orchid in the back is so pretty and great idea to embellished the chair for any kind of party.

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3. Cake topper

I love the idea of using it as the cake topper. As a matter of fact I did this at my wedding cake. I choose a green orchid around the cake. It was so beautiful.
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4. Put it on Coffee Table
What a beautiful thing when you put those orchid on the coffee table. It such a great compliment to the room.
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5. Put it on console table
You can put them on the console table by the entry table. What a great way to greet your guest with those beautiful elegant flower.
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