Thursday, January 10, 2013


Christmas just passed, some of us recieved gift from  friends, families or even from our boss. My husband and I don't unwrapping gift on Christmas morning and surprise each other. You will see some gift under the Christmas tree, those are for some friends or families of ours.

Our Christmas gift to each other is, we go shopping set a budget and buy something that we like and ask each other opinion about it. When we like it then we bought it, I know we are weird or different in my language. Those probably will change when we have kids.

Speaking of gift, we are anxious to unwrap those gift. Some of us happy when we see what inside that wrapping paper or some of us just doesn't care because not something we like or expecting.

Regardless, either we like the gift or not. Have we ever go back to the person who gave those gift to thank them for the effort they make, or at least they have been thinking about us.

My husband and I receipt this really thoughtful gift from an eldery woman in our church. The gift is very simple yet so touching and really sweet. Gift is not always about the price or something that we want, but the thoughtfull behind the gift sometime is priceless.

As I think about this and ponder in my heart, I feel quilty because sometime I do forget to say thank you to the people who been a blessing to me. Either that blessings in a gift, material, or moral support.

Have you say thank you to someone that bless your life??

Most of all I want to say thank God that He gave us His only son Jesus to saved my soul which I dont deserves at all.

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