Monday, September 16, 2013

Historic Homes ( Weekend Recap )

Happy Monday All !!
I hope you all had a great weekend ! Ours was busy and amazing ! The weather was perfect nice crisp just what we expect in Autumn !

What a blessing on Saturday morning. We went to Chick-fil-a for a FREE breakfast ( promotion from the website through invitation ) When we got there they had this live gospel music by some organization I think. We were not sure. The most important thing we were so blessed to hear live gospel music in the restaurant. What else could you ask to start a wonderful weekend :)

This weekend the state of Virginia have the program Open House to historic home with Free admission ( which some of them FREE or suggested donation during regular visit ). We managed to visit 4 of them this weekend.

We went to the John Marshall house. He was a former justice chief of United State. Interior of the house was so simple not much to it. From what we heard this family very highly focus on education. Just like most part of historic house you were not allowed to take pictures inside the house.

Next was Wicham-Valentine  the fa├žade of the house doesn't really tell you anything about the interior. When you enter the house you feel totally like in different house. They were so fancy and grandee. It's totally blow your mind. We really enjoyed it.

A few block away is White House of the Confederacy. We took the tour to the house. We didn't go to the museum because it wasn't part of the promotion ( you have to pay $10/person ).

Last house we visited was Maymont Mansion. Wow...this mansion was really breath taking. We have visited Maymont for a couple of times but never been inside. Our tour guide was so knowledgeable and helpful. Dining room was amazing and really European influence. Mrs. Dooley's room was so pretty and fancy. The bed was very unique ( in the shape of a Swan ).


On Sunday after the church we went to Busch Garden. My brother and sister in-laws have the season pass. And this weekend they allowed to bring guest. They invited us to join them ( aren't they so sweet :). My husband took advantage of this since I'm not an amusement park person ( at least not riding a roller coaster ). We had a great time.

The park decoration is so creepy. I think because is close to Halloween they have theme Hollow Scream.
My husband and our niece

My nephew wasn't feel well through out the most part of visit. I think he dehydrated. But I heard this morning he went to school. Thank God !

But poor my brother in-laws he is in the hospital now. He had a chest pain and tingling so they called paramedic as soon they got home. The doctors still working to find out what is wrong with him. Pray for him hopefully nothing serious going on. Prayerfully just too tired and excited from the Haunted House :)


  1. What beautiful buildings! The architecture is fabulous.

    Thanks for your visit & comment, too!

    Have a happy week xox

    1. Thank you Anne ! Yes, indeed they are beautiful ! Love the old architecture.


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