Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Massanutten / Shenandoah Valley Trip

Happy Wednesday friends ! Have you felt the fall weather yet in your area ? We have been blessed this week with this beautiful cool air. I have been turn off the AC and open the windows. Don't you love the fresh air come into the house. Hmm...I just love the smell of fresh air !

This time last year. We went to visit Massanutten Resort in Shenandoah valley area. We didn't plan this trip. We got FREE offer to stay for three nights plus $100 Visa gift card. They called us and asked if we want to take a tour to their resort and spent time with them for about 3- 4 hours. They found our name from withdrawal sweepstakes that  I filled out. I didn't remember which one because I filled out lots of sweepstakes.

We arranged time and schedules to visit them. This visit actually was kind of promotion to get people to know their resort  and buy time share from them. If you are familiar with time share I think you know what I'm talking.

We stayed at Eagle Trace condo the room is very spacious and clean. We really loved it. There are plenty of rooms if you have a big company.

The next day, we took the tour for the most half day from 8 - 1ish. We already knew what they will try to sell us and made the note to our self. We were not going to buy anything from them. Don't get me wrong their facilities are great. But we are not interesting to buy any time share. They almost got my husband though, thank God I was there :)

After the tour and said lots of "NO, Thank You !". We finally have time to our self. We explored the resort. They have tons of activities to offer.

We went hiking. We took the lift to the top and hiking down. The view was beautiful from the top. And the weather was perfect for hiking that day as well. We had a great time.

They have mini golf too. And of course we did that in one evening.
One day we drove through George Washington National Park Forest and went to Crabtree Falls.  This forest is quite and peaceful. We just hiked half way because I was scare nobody was there { yes, I watched to much 20/20 with all those crazy true story:) }. But we enjoyed and loved it here
On our last day after check out we went to Staunton to explored this little town in the valley. This town is beautiful, very nice and full of history. We watched a live show at American Shakespeare Center. The 28th president of USA was born here Thomas Woodrow Wilson.
This trip was great and amazing. With many reason :
1. We didn't spend money for the hotel and have nice room ( FREE always good :)
2. We didn't spend money for gas and most of the food. We went grocery shopping and cooked our food in the condo. We used the visa gift card $100 they gave us.
3. We re-charged from our busy schedule.
4. Most of all we spend more quality time with each other and we were so grateful for that !!

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