Monday, October 7, 2013

A Little Gift with A Meaningful Blessing

Hello everyone ! I hope you had a wonderful day ! As well as your weekend !

Ours was nice. We did yard sale-ing but didn't find anything that interest us. Friends of ours invited us for a cook out. We had a great time catching up with things in our life. My husband made a "Junior Cheesecake from NYC" for dessert.

With all those great times. I have something greatest to share with you. This opening my eyes to all the blessings I have or will.

Sunday morning when I got to church. One of our friends told me that someone gave me something and its sitting on the table. I already guess what it was. Something from my Secret Sister. But I don't have any idea what kind of gift was it.

I opened the bag when I was in nursery room ( I was in charge last Sunday ). I was shocked what I found inside.

It may very simple. But for me it really meaningful and blessed me so very much. Beyond this soap, candle and notepad. We were out of hand soap in the extra bath room. Usually, I got lots of stock pile in the cabinet. I didn't go to buy it. Because I'm cheap waiting for coupon.

Here I'm on Sunday morning found something that I really need. God used my Secret Sister to provided it.

Yes...I promise will buy me some more hand soap :) As a matter of fact. I did try yesterday at Bath And Body Works with coupons 20% off everything. One free product up to $12.50 no purchase necessary.

Filled out my basket and just to found out my coupon not active yet starting today.  So I put back all the soaps etc. My husband just shaking his head. ( Sorry...Babe your wife is too much :)

This little blessing reminding me of God's Love and His care for me. Even something that seems very little to me.

Most of the time I ( we ) just see a big blessings in our life.

Thank you so much my secret sister for the meaningful gift. Most of all your prayers !

What kind of blessings have you receive lately.
And reminding you of God's tender Love and Care.



  1. Oh what a precious post and such a blessing. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty


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