Thursday, October 3, 2013

Road Trip to St. Louis, MO

Hi All ! I hope you have a great today as always ! Or even life give you a sour taste. Let's try to take the bright side of it :)
The weather wasn't that great that day :(
A couple of weeks ago, my husband and I made a road trip to St. Louis, MO. We visited friend of ours. It's took us about 15 hours drive. my husband he did it all by himself. Yes...I did not help him not because I'm a bad wife :)  But I have a problem driving on high speed ( high way ). My heart beat start to pounding like crazy. So better be safe than sorry.

Also thank God for our Honda Civic Hybrid. Save us lots of money with the gas price now days.

We stopped by at Tamarack West Virginia. This place sell lots of craft and goodies. The only problem the price is not on my budget. So we just browsing and enjoy all the gallery most of them are beautiful and made by talented people.

Don't you love this basket with the Antler handle. If I'm not mistaken the price almost close to $100
Love this lamp. The bright deep blue color. And the price $460. Wish...I have that budget for a lamp.
Oh...this table is very unique made by a local artist. He is a retired Dentist if  I'm not mistaken. Can you tell the story on this table. Yes...this table is a piece of conversation in your house. If you do have money to buy it. Oh my...the price for this real bronze dog table with glass top close to $13000 ( Yes...I'm not kidding thirteen thousand )
Our friend live in St. Peter area so have to drive about 30 minutes to downtown St. Louis. And I also went to Goodwill Outlet there but sorry to say I think Goodwill Outlet in my area is much better.
We went to Arch Gateway although the weather wasn't what you expecting when you were visiting some place. But we still had a great time. And I think was better so not to crowded.
We got the arch top to our self ( see there is always something good in a bad time :)}
The view from up there was beautiful. You can see  how big is the city of  St. Louis.
We had lunch at Bogarts Smoke House their food was really great. If you do love BBQ ( like my husband ) you should try this place whenever you visit St. Louis. I love their baked bean and pickles.
We stopped by at the local Farmers Market. You see that rain it was pouring. Thank God later in the day the sky clear up a little bit. So we were able to explore more.
We went to Delmar Loop area. I search online and they said it is a great place to hang out. It reminding me of some area in NYC-Astoria. When I see they have bubble tea café almost similar to the one in NYC. I got me one cup and I'm glad I did :)
Washington University is in this area. So lots of college student hang out here. They called this area a "college town".
Just being silly :)
Since my husband and I love history. Well...he called me a historical wife ( remembering all the bad things in the past :)
We went to Daniel Boon house about 30 minutes drive from St. Peter. The weather was amazingly beautiful that day. This village site bring you the 1800 life style of American people.
Sadly, in my country we still have this kind of village until now. And people live in it with all the facilities almost the same.
We really enjoy it. Especially my husband. It bring different perspective for both of us.
My husband tried to do tomahawk and he did great.
Grocery store back in that time. Can you imagine shopping in that place in now days?
Hotel in early 1800
View of the whole town. Isn't it beautiful and peaceful. Just love it !!
Daniel Boone house. Actually this house belongs to his son. But he died in this house. From what the guide tour told us they build this house very similar to his.
One night we went to downtown St. Charles. Love this historic downtown. I just wish we went there during day time. There are lots of store and most of them close around 5 pm.

We got there around 8 and Saturday night so you can imagine the crowd going to bar or dinner. We stopped by at this old style ice cream store. And Love it ( a little bit of sweet always good :) }
On the way back home on Sunday morning we stopped by at this local church that we found from Google in Nashville, IL.
We had a great time worshiped and praised God. Also they gave each of us this great welcoming favor.
This trip was great and really tiring. Especially my husband drove back and forth. And passed 5 States along the way.

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