Friday, February 21, 2014

The Most Moist Corn Bread Recipe

We love to eat chili in the Winter time. We have one recipe that we like and been making it for lots of time. Usually, people eat chili with corn bread. My husband not really a corn bread eater. He said most of the time corn bread taste dry. That is why he doesn't like it. I would agree with him.

So, I experiment this the most simple and easy recipe corn bread and very moist that my husband love it. me, finally my husband like corn bread.

The ingredients are very easy to find also easy to make. I use corn muffin mix, eggs,1 small plain yogurt  6 oz and milk about 2/3 cup. I think the plain yogurt make a big different.

I mix all the ingredients and bake it according to the instructions at the box.
Just like that ! Very easy, moist corn bread and ready to serve and enjoy!!
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