Friday, May 9, 2014

How Do I Save Money From Doctor Visit ( only cost .99)

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My left foot has been hurting for a while. I have tried to ignore it and go about my daily activities, but after for almost 2 weeks the pain has become too much, especially in the mornings when I put all the pressure on. Oh my...the pain is really killing me.

When something is bothering me related to my health, I am always thinking the worst about what is wrong with me. My husband calls me a hypochondriac. I was thinking that I might need surgery on my feet.  All this crazy thinking just comes into my mind. Oh...I hope you are not like me !

I was about to go to visit the doctor to check out what is going on. I told my husband how I felt and the symptoms. My sweet and smart husband went to Mr. Google. He searched and read all kind of foot problems for about 30 minutes. He finally found something that was very close the symptoms with my foot which is a corn on my foot. The good news is you can treat this problem with over the counter medicine, which you can buy in any drugstore. We went to CVS found the medicine for $5.99. We used my ECB $5 which made the final price for the medicine only $.99

What a relief...we just save money from a doctor visit. We do have insurance but we still need to pay the co-pay that doesn't include prescriptions.

Lesson to learn not to panic when you have a problem with your body unless it is life threatening. You can't do this all the time, but it is good to check it out first. You might save lots of money :)

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