Thursday, May 8, 2014

Our Trip To North Carolina

I hope you have a nice day ! It's hot here in our area !

This past weekend my husband and I went to the couples' retreat in North Carolina. We had a great time there. The location is beautiful and perfect to get away and refresh your mind. This is the first time for us to go to the Wilds. We loved it. The speakers was great, they have plenty of activities to do during the free time. The foods was great  my favorite one was on Saturday evening dinner. They served you with 3 complete dinner courses plus tea or coffee with live piano playing in the background.

I learn a lot from this retreat about marriage. The speakers are husband and wife. For most part they have join session but one part they break it into two between ladies and gentlemen. I really did enjoy the material. They talked from the book of Roman.

Along with this retreat I celebrate my birthday as well. Yay...I'm 37 years young :) I had a nice birthday. We didn't do much just being with my husband and friends on my special day was more than enough to me.

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