Friday, December 14, 2012

Our Precious Time

This morning, as usual I woke up and have my devotion and quite time with the Lord.

After that, I have my coffee and checked facebook and email. Also, checked some of the blogs from the couponing to decorating blogs.
Put some stuff on ebay try to earn some money online. And do some house stuff, cleaning etc.

Not long after I had my lunch, I checked facebook again and so shocked to see some of friends status there is a shooting in Connecticut. The shooting happened in Elementary shool and killed about 27 people, 20 kids and 7 adult.
My eyes was teary when I put on the TV and see the news.
I still can not believe what I have heard but is true. My heart goes to those victims family and pray for them. May God give them comfort and peace.

I dont really know how to put in word but remember that God is in control and remind us He is Almighty. Most of the time we dont know why has to be all those little children, they dont know anything they are so inocent ??? Why and why...we will always have that question and most of the time we cant answer it only GOD knows the answer.

We never know when is our time will ending in this world. Our time is so precious use it wisely.
 I, myself really need this one I need more wisdom how to spend my time.
Again, my prayer and heart goes to all those victims in Newton Elementary School, CT.

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