Monday, April 29, 2013

Visit, Lavender Farm and Shopping

I hope you all had a great weekend.

We went to Harrisonburg, Va to visit one of my husband friend from high school. We were so blessed by his testimony. His Mom is such a sweet heart. His name is Jack. He is been paralyzed for more than 10 years according to my husband. He is unable to do anything, basicly he needs assistant 24/7. Yet, he still praise God and in good spirit. Pray for him as he is going to nursing home sometimes in Summer { I know is hard for him with his young age}. 

We stop by at this Lavender Farm.
The road going to the Farm.The view is amazing and the weather is beautiful.
This lavenders not in bloom yet. They will bloom arround June-July. I am sure when they are in bloom the farm will smell wonderful and relaxing :)
The Farm not only for Lavender they also have animals.
Distillation machine for the Lavender
Before we left the farm we bought this good stuff and bring them home with us :)
We also managed to look around Harrisonburg and of course window shopping hunting for bargain. We stop by at Goodwill and found a couple of stuff { I will share next time what I found :)}. I found stuff from K Mart they had 90 % off Easter stuff.
I spent a little over $5 for all this goody!
We stop by at Sweet Frog { our favorite frozen yogurt store }. We had a nice Saturday and we were glad we went to visit Jack. We have been planning to do this for a while. Jack and his Mom were happy to see us as well. Hopefully we can come to visit again. Most of all we praying for them both.
Sunday after the church service we went to the local park and had a little picnic. Before the day over we went to the Outlet to get some bargain from J.Crew, Banana Republic and Nautica.
Happy Monday !!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Country Looking End Table

This table has been sitting on my patio for quite awhile. Since the weather is nice outside. I'm starting to work on it. I put wax finish red mahogany on the top. This picture is the first coat.
After the second coat dry. I applied polyurethane oil base.
When the table top done. I'm starting working on the legs. I put antique white by valspar.
I spray paint the door knob with black

Finally this table is done and looks good !
Not too shabby !!


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Simple Flowers Wreath

I love how this simple wreath turned out. I made it out of this 50 cent Goodwill found wreath. I wrapped it with the leftover fabric that I already have. I made a couple of flowers using the fabric as well. I glued gun all the flowers, silk leaves and some of purple silk flowers I already have as well.
 I cut out toilet paper roll and make this cute flower out of it.
Love the colors so soft and bring the happy feelings into my house.
 Beautiful looking to welcome my company or my husband and I :)

Monday, April 22, 2013

Dinner & Hiking

Happy Monday all !
Today I want to share our dinner weekend and some of the cooking I did. We had friends come over and we had a great time and nice dinner.

I made this dinner roll. My husband favorite dinner roll so far :)
 Banana cupcakes, well according to my husband is banana muffins. They were turn out good.
This simple salad. I called it Spring salad { colorful }
Baked bean top with bacon { yummy} We had rib and corn on a cob along with all these food. Our friends brought a dessert chocolate mousse pie.
Sunday afternoon after the church service we went to this local hiking trail. We were looking for the other hiking trail and couldn't find it. Instead we found this and we love it.
 Love all the trees !

I hope you all had a great and blessed weekend !!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Making Your Personal Doormat

Happy Friday all !!
Today, I have a couple of project need to be done. The weather is nice outside. Perferct to do painting job on my furniture project.

Back to doormat story. It has been awhile we were looking for a doormat. I know there are a lot of them out there. Again, I'm looking for one fit my pocket and still looking good. When I went to Ikea this past weekend. I found this affordable doormat. It looks plain but I can do something with it to make it personal.

I'm thinking to put sign HOME on it. I went to picmonkey and printout this letters.

I cut out the letters and make as stensil before I spray painted the doormat.

I measure the doormat and center all the letters.

I tape the letters and cover the doormat with scrapping papers.
Ready to spray paint!!

I'm not really pleased with the distance between the letters. Over all I think is good enough. I still have my very own doormat:)

I hope you all have a great weekend!!! Enjoy the blessings of this Spring season!!!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Before and After My Swivel Chair

Hi everyone!
I'm so excited to introduce you my new swivel chair that I got from Goodwill Auction a couple of weeks ago. If you have a Goodwill Auction in your area, I recomended you to visit it. My husband and I were having fun there. This trip was our second trip. The first trip, we did not buy anything. Somehow with this one we managed to bid a couple of furniture.

One of them is this swivel chair { looks old and worn out }

The shape is relatively in good condition except the fabric already worn out. I washed the fabric. Spray it with Lysol and vacuum inside out.
I search for a custom slipcover and to my surprise all the price is out of my budget. So, I was browsing from all diffrent company who made slipcover but still in my budget. I found this slipcover from ikea and with in my budget :)
I put the slipcover on and is too big oh my...! I don't want to return it so I have to make it work...I tug the fabric here and there to the chair. Until this is hapened !
Not too bad. Now I can sit comfortably on my " new to me" swivel chair.
I was searching on line for a new swivel chair and found this, I think is close enough to what I have found. This price is way out of my budget more than 10 times of my new slipcover price. With all that said  I'm very happy with mine !

Monday, April 15, 2013

Museum and Cherry Blossoms Part II

Hi all ! I hope you all had a great weekend !

The weather was good this past weekend here, a little chill but warm up later in the day. We went back to D.C. on Saturday to see the Cherry Blossoms unfortunately there was a  thunder storm on Friday. Therefore most of the flowers were fall to the ground.

Love this beauty !
The blooms start to faded
Washington Monument from far away !
There was ceremony going on to honor of people who fought for this country !
This time we were focusing to visit the museum instead. We went to Holocaust Museum. There is lots of history in this museum that break your heart. It remind you how evil can use an individual to do such a cruel things that you never could imagine. We were really enjoyed this museum. I wish I could take a couple of picture unfortunately they not allowed you to use camera in the building.

Later on we went to The National Museum of Natural History. In this museum your learn lots of nature. One thing I love to visit this museum to see all the beautiful gems. What a girl doesn't love diamond :). I am sure you are familiar with Hope Diamond this jewerly such a beautiful thing you ever seen. Love the blue diamond and all the surrounding diamond.
What a beautiful Gems !
The Smithsonian Castle
What a beautiful details !
This group did such an amazing job with those drum !
We had an amazing opening revival at our church. We spent time with one of our niece after Sunday Service and took her to have some sweet from our local frozen yogurt store.We were so blessed with all this time we spent with each other.

Beside all this great time. I heard a sad news that one of cousin staying in the hospital because of cronic ulcer. Praying that she will get heal soon. Also there is such a heart breaking news, a bomb explotion today in Boston during the marathon. Praying to all the families may God give them strenght, peace and comfort through out this tragic event.