Saturday, June 29, 2013

Unique Oriental End Table With Turtle

I got this table a while back from Goodwill. At first, I wasn't really sure about it, but my husband convinced me to get it. We bought and put this unique table in our living room. There are a couple of things that need TLC on the table.

This table has a lot of details on it. Look at that cute little turtle handle. All those hinges aren't they  lovely.

Next project waiting for me !
See what I'm talking those scratches need sand paper and stain.
Also those drawers  with all the scrabbles chalk need to be clean or put nice paper to cover it.
I have this fabric and I use it cover the top for now until I fix it.
The fabric works nicely with all those gold tones from the hinges and the turtle door handle.
Most of all I paid only $8 for this unique table. I tried to find the same table online and could not find it. This table from Amazon I think is close enough and the price is almost 50 times of my table.
Make a smile on my face. Happy me :)

Friday, June 28, 2013

Simple July 4th Vignette

Happy Friday all ! Wow...time is flies without we even know it. Can you believe it ! We are almost done with 1/2 of the year 2013. Summer is here with all the fun and sun. Long day and short night. I love this weather without the humidity though :)

Since Independence Day is coming in less than a week. I will share with you my simple Vignette 4th of July.
I made this banner with Word program, print it out on regular white paper and cut and tape it into a triangle blue card stock paper. Very simple and easy !

I used pic monkey program for this printable and using 2 Chronicles 7 : 14 as the content.  
 I love this verse !! Since 4th of July all about blue, red and white color so I used those colors for this printable.

What  I use for this decorations are this church,  vases that I spray paint with transparent white, blue, and red. I will make another post about these vases and where the inspiration came from.

I am really glad that I made this little simple project for 4th of July. I wasn't plan to make any but sometimes things that you don't plan that is the best :)


Monday, June 24, 2013

From A Blouse Into An Art Work

I hope you have a great weekend !
Ours was relaxing and not much going on. We went to a local farmer market and did some yard selling.
I have this blouse for a long time. It was a gift from a sweet friend back in NY. But it was getting small on me.
And I like the art work on it, the birds and the color. I have this frame I got from Goodwill.
I have this idea that I will cut out the birds work and put it on this frame.

I spray paint the frame with yellow paint which is I already have.

Ready for the frame. Isn't beautiful or what. I'm surprise how it turned out even without the frame.

I love how the blue and yellow works. Now I have another art works that meant a lot to me. A nice blouse from a friend turned into something special in our spare bedroom.


Thursday, June 20, 2013

Hello Blue-ish End Table


This week project is this blue-ish end table with cherry finish. I got this table from Goodwill outlet auction.

The condition wasn't bad when I got it. The wood is sturdy and nothing broken. Just need a little touch, paint and good to go.

Love the curve on the edge of the table. I painted it with Valspar sample leftover that I still have.

Here is before the TLC !! Not bad at all. I finished this project for about 1 and 1/2 hours total. What a big different paint and wood stain make. I just love to have a quick and easy project. It doesn't always happened that way for sure :)

I hope you enjoy the rest of your evening !!

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Bargain Coffee Table

When we were live in Queens, NY we did not have a coffee table in our apartment because of the limited space ( also the price ).  Even after we moved to Virginia we don't bother ( we have a bigger apartment ). And we were just get to use to it. Not until we saw this nice and good condition coffee table at Goodwill for $30. Hmm...not bad at all !!!

This a good size coffee table. The wood is very heavy and most of all that make me really excited made in Indonesia ( I wonder if this is from Sumatra :). I love the hardware as well. It has a lot of storage.

Extra storage for a pillow and blanket if we have a guess stay over !
I'm really glad we found this coffee table and for the money we paid for it. Again patient has been paid off with a good bargain :)

Monday, June 17, 2013

Why I Love Dumpster ( Shopping Cart ) Diving

Happy Monday ! I hope you have a wonderful day !

Once a month I went to Goodwill Outlet in my area. They have an auction every Wednesday evening. Most of the time we just bid furniture for a project. There are a lot of stuff to bid inside the warehouse. All the stuff  you find on regular Goodwill store except clothes. Some people won the stuff  and just took some of them and left the rest inside the shopping cart. Here I am after they left it. I went through the cart and found some stuff that is still look nice and useable for a project.

Here what I found last Wednesday ! Beside we won a couple of furniture for next project.

An old frame I can used this for a project after I spray paint it
A bunch of basket will become very handy for a gift basket on Christmas, Easter and special occasion !
Variety of  glass vases ( I can paint them and good to go :)
Frame from Target they are still in very good condition. Things to remember double heart with box !
Gold everyone ! Yay ! I can use this ribbon to wrap a gift or decorations. 3 rolls tape .
Brand New Game for family night !
I was going to buy this lamp shade from Target a while back. Patient always paid off now I got it for free ! Yay ! Computer bag. Marc Jacob sunglasses cases. Also I  have a couple of books, soap dispenser and tooth brush holder.
Don't you just love dumpster diving when you found a good stuff for free !!

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Thursday, June 13, 2013

NOAH Play And Lancaster Trip

Hi all !! I hope you have a wonderful day! It is HOT today in my area, you feel toasty outside ! Thank God for the AC ! I have been busy for the last of couple days between work, Ebay and clean up my apartment. And plus my left eye has some of red-ness not sure what cause it. I just put an eye drop and see how it goes before I go to see the doctor.

Last weekend we went to Lancaster, PA with my husband cousin and his wife plus our nephew. We had a great time. We saw a life play production of Noah story. It was a great show, really remind me that God judgment will come either we believe it or not. Most people won't believe it and laugh about it just like people around Noah. It brought tears to my eye to see how family separate, between brother and brother, parents and child. If you happened live close to Lancaster or even make a road trip you should make time to see Noah  Play. Or they have Joseph  play in Branson, MI we saw this one and we really enjoyed it.

The Lion and The Lamb
After the show we went to Good n Plenty their food were amazing and fresh. They made everything  in the house from the bread, butter and all those good stuff. We had family style dinner, they bring everything from appetizer to dessert. The price a little bit high but I think you can go by the menu.

We explore downtown Lancaster. We have been to see a couple of play in sight and sound but haven't have an opportunity to explore the city itself. This past weekend we made time and stay for a night. We went to Central Market ( the oldest farmer market in US ). I love this market, it really bring memory back the traditional market in my country except is 20 time more cleaner and organize :). We got a lot of stuff. I wish I was live around here. They have all this bakery and most made by Amish people.

My husband and our nephew having a good time to shop all those sweet !
I got myself this beautiful Peonies for .75 cent each ( want to plant them in my yard when we have a house )
One room school in the Amish Community ( remind me the show of  Little House on Prairie,  my favorite )
Amish Scooter
We drove by the country side of Amish Village. The view is really breath taking. To see all the simplicity, the way they live their life. Sometimes, I just need to see this kind of life to remind me the meaning of life without all the chaos. We stop by at the furniture store that sell all the stuff made by Amish. They were really good quality furniture. But the price a little bit to high for our wallet :)

I wish we could ride this buggy home and get to my bed in 5 hours :)