Monday, June 17, 2013

Why I Love Dumpster ( Shopping Cart ) Diving

Happy Monday ! I hope you have a wonderful day !

Once a month I went to Goodwill Outlet in my area. They have an auction every Wednesday evening. Most of the time we just bid furniture for a project. There are a lot of stuff to bid inside the warehouse. All the stuff  you find on regular Goodwill store except clothes. Some people won the stuff  and just took some of them and left the rest inside the shopping cart. Here I am after they left it. I went through the cart and found some stuff that is still look nice and useable for a project.

Here what I found last Wednesday ! Beside we won a couple of furniture for next project.

An old frame I can used this for a project after I spray paint it
A bunch of basket will become very handy for a gift basket on Christmas, Easter and special occasion !
Variety of  glass vases ( I can paint them and good to go :)
Frame from Target they are still in very good condition. Things to remember double heart with box !
Gold everyone ! Yay ! I can use this ribbon to wrap a gift or decorations. 3 rolls tape .
Brand New Game for family night !
I was going to buy this lamp shade from Target a while back. Patient always paid off now I got it for free ! Yay ! Computer bag. Marc Jacob sunglasses cases. Also I  have a couple of books, soap dispenser and tooth brush holder.
Don't you just love dumpster diving when you found a good stuff for free !!

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  1. in the second picture from the top the basket on the right looks like a sweet grass basket - these are made around Charleston SC - many are sold in the open market there. here is a link which tells more. one coaster on that website sells for $40.00, so if you got this basket for free, that was really lucky!

    1. Hi Anne, Thanks for stopping by !
      Wow...I did not know about the basket. What a surprise :) I will check out the website ! Thanks for the info ! Have a nice weekend !

  2. Wow, that is so awesome!! I can't believe people just walk away from this stuff!! Nice haul!

    1. I can't believe it myself. I guess someone trash is my treasure :) Is more blessings for me ! Thank you for stopping by Veronica ! Have a wonderful weekend !


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