Saturday, September 28, 2013

Weekend Blessing

Yellow Hibiscus at Myrtle Beach, SC

Psalm 51:1

Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Fall "Mantel" Decoration ( No Money Spending )

Happy Friday All ! Beautiful day around here. I have been busy since this morning cleaning.

I also work to put together a little touch of Fall in our house. We don't have a real mantel. But I still want to decorate something similar to "mantel". I use stuff that I already have around me most some of them from previous years decoration. So I didn't spend any money on this Fall. And I go with the natural color of Fall orange, red, yellow, and brown.

The only things new is the word print. I print out Happy Autumn and some of the verse from the Bible through pic monkey program. The frame I got it from one of my shopping cart diving so it's FREE.

This wreath is from last year front door decoration. It's very simple wreath I just hot glued leaves and rosettes on grave vine wreath.

Basket from one of my shopping cart diving as well. I filled it with pinecones that picked out from the local park and faux red apples to give a touch of Fall.

Pumpkins fall decorations I got from drug store when they have 90 % sale a couple of year ago. I love the pitcher with the orange bird and leaves which I paid for $.50 months back. 

I'm glad with the outcome of my no money spending Fall decoration. And so ready to enjoy this beautiful and crisp weather of Autumn.


Thursday, September 26, 2013

Books Review

Happy Thursday All !

I hope you enjoy your fall season so far. Either you doing project or just enjoy the time of this beautiful weather. I have this goal to read a couple of books in a month. Last month I read two books.

First book I read was from Dave Ramsey with title More than Enough. I heard about Dave Ramsey the first time through a radio station and search about him. Since then I love his teaching and book. This book really open your mind. Especially in today culture we want to have more and more. Sadly, most of the time we don't need those stuff.
I grew up in a country where everything you have to pay cash at least when I was still stay there 12 years ago. So things were very hard back then. I learn to be content in every situation. My parents teach me as long as you have clothes on your body, food on the table and able go to school those things are more than enough. Everything else just additional or luxuries . And this book just bring back all those principle and simple life.

This book teach me to view life differently. It's really help you in your relationship, money and your community. He include his wife view in this book as well. It's really an eye opening in your relationship. My husband and I are grew up in totally different world. How we view money is very different. This book it really help. Although he did not read it but I explained it to him. Or better yet read it out loud to him :)
Changing your attitude toward your job and the environment around you. Building your character. Teach you to be more patient. So many more things you can learn from this book. One things I like the most is he included some of the Bible view to this book. I promise it will change your view of life. If you have time and love to read you should put this book on your reading list.

The second book I read was this Christian fiction novel by Lori Wick called Sophie's Heart. This book is really touching my heart and I cried lots ( I'm very emotional :). I almost spent the whole night read this book one time. Sophie's is an immigrant from Czech Republic. Came to US just like all other immigrant to change life and looking for a new opportunity. She was amazing through all the hard times in her journey.

From work at the restaurant in Chicago and become a housekeeper in a small town of Wisconsin to a widower Alec Riley and his 3 children. In between this job and journey she keep trusting God and believe in Him. Sophie it really does changes your heart. Her attitude toward everything is so wonderful. I knew she cant do it by herself unless Jesus live in her heart. There is some flaws here and there. Again as a human being you always find that nobody perfect except Jesus. But Sophie did great. Especially how she handle Alec's kids behavior. Most of the time his kids are great but there is a moment when they are hard to deal with. At the end of the story Alec Riley fallen in love with her and took her as a wife. I love her simplicity and truly grateful with her life. Love this novel. This is the first book I read by Lori Wick. I might want to find another book she wrote.

What books have you read lately and were you enjoy it ??

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Why I Love Dumpster ( Shopping Cart ) Diving #3

Hello All ! I hope you had a great weekend! My husband and I went for a road trip to St. Louis, MO this week. We had a great time. I will make another post about our trip.

Today, I will share another journey with shopping cart diving. I had so much fun at Goodwill Auction. Come join with me I will show you what I found there ( all stuff are FREE :)

These two pictures below will give you the idea what was going on there in every auction trip we made. People will auction these shopping cart and took some or all stuff inside the cart. When they don't took all the stuff I will get through the cart and gleaning whatever left.

We come here just to auction the furniture for our project. We haven't try to auction the shopping cart. The price goes from $3-$40 it depend what is in the cart. You do have time to pre-view for about 30 minutes before the auction happened. That way you will see what stuff inside the cart.

I know why nobody wants this wood luggage rack ( falling apart ). But I took it anyway :)

Christmas decorations will become handy this Christmas. This chair came from the auction for $10 and I will try to re- upholstery it myself.

Stationery Set still consider new
Full bag of assorted bows for Christmas or Birthdays gift

Fabric 6 and 1/2 Feet x 65"

Another Fabric 60"x 34 "

Fabric 60"x65"

Belts, Frames, Basket

Placemats I will use them for rags

Assorted yarn ( I just don't know why people don't take them)

Another Placemats will handy for outdoor Summer BBQ 

Another Basket with knick-knack

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Weekend Blessing

Beautiful Leaves in the Fall

Proverbs 1:7

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Massanutten / Shenandoah Valley Trip

Happy Wednesday friends ! Have you felt the fall weather yet in your area ? We have been blessed this week with this beautiful cool air. I have been turn off the AC and open the windows. Don't you love the fresh air come into the house. Hmm...I just love the smell of fresh air !

This time last year. We went to visit Massanutten Resort in Shenandoah valley area. We didn't plan this trip. We got FREE offer to stay for three nights plus $100 Visa gift card. They called us and asked if we want to take a tour to their resort and spent time with them for about 3- 4 hours. They found our name from withdrawal sweepstakes that  I filled out. I didn't remember which one because I filled out lots of sweepstakes.

We arranged time and schedules to visit them. This visit actually was kind of promotion to get people to know their resort  and buy time share from them. If you are familiar with time share I think you know what I'm talking.

We stayed at Eagle Trace condo the room is very spacious and clean. We really loved it. There are plenty of rooms if you have a big company.

The next day, we took the tour for the most half day from 8 - 1ish. We already knew what they will try to sell us and made the note to our self. We were not going to buy anything from them. Don't get me wrong their facilities are great. But we are not interesting to buy any time share. They almost got my husband though, thank God I was there :)

After the tour and said lots of "NO, Thank You !". We finally have time to our self. We explored the resort. They have tons of activities to offer.

We went hiking. We took the lift to the top and hiking down. The view was beautiful from the top. And the weather was perfect for hiking that day as well. We had a great time.

They have mini golf too. And of course we did that in one evening.
One day we drove through George Washington National Park Forest and went to Crabtree Falls.  This forest is quite and peaceful. We just hiked half way because I was scare nobody was there { yes, I watched to much 20/20 with all those crazy true story:) }. But we enjoyed and loved it here
On our last day after check out we went to Staunton to explored this little town in the valley. This town is beautiful, very nice and full of history. We watched a live show at American Shakespeare Center. The 28th president of USA was born here Thomas Woodrow Wilson.
This trip was great and amazing. With many reason :
1. We didn't spend money for the hotel and have nice room ( FREE always good :)
2. We didn't spend money for gas and most of the food. We went grocery shopping and cooked our food in the condo. We used the visa gift card $100 they gave us.
3. We re-charged from our busy schedule.
4. Most of all we spend more quality time with each other and we were so grateful for that !!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Historic Homes ( Weekend Recap )

Happy Monday All !!
I hope you all had a great weekend ! Ours was busy and amazing ! The weather was perfect nice crisp just what we expect in Autumn !

What a blessing on Saturday morning. We went to Chick-fil-a for a FREE breakfast ( promotion from the website through invitation ) When we got there they had this live gospel music by some organization I think. We were not sure. The most important thing we were so blessed to hear live gospel music in the restaurant. What else could you ask to start a wonderful weekend :)

This weekend the state of Virginia have the program Open House to historic home with Free admission ( which some of them FREE or suggested donation during regular visit ). We managed to visit 4 of them this weekend.

We went to the John Marshall house. He was a former justice chief of United State. Interior of the house was so simple not much to it. From what we heard this family very highly focus on education. Just like most part of historic house you were not allowed to take pictures inside the house.

Next was Wicham-Valentine  the fa├žade of the house doesn't really tell you anything about the interior. When you enter the house you feel totally like in different house. They were so fancy and grandee. It's totally blow your mind. We really enjoyed it.

A few block away is White House of the Confederacy. We took the tour to the house. We didn't go to the museum because it wasn't part of the promotion ( you have to pay $10/person ).

Last house we visited was Maymont Mansion. Wow...this mansion was really breath taking. We have visited Maymont for a couple of times but never been inside. Our tour guide was so knowledgeable and helpful. Dining room was amazing and really European influence. Mrs. Dooley's room was so pretty and fancy. The bed was very unique ( in the shape of a Swan ).


On Sunday after the church we went to Busch Garden. My brother and sister in-laws have the season pass. And this weekend they allowed to bring guest. They invited us to join them ( aren't they so sweet :). My husband took advantage of this since I'm not an amusement park person ( at least not riding a roller coaster ). We had a great time.

The park decoration is so creepy. I think because is close to Halloween they have theme Hollow Scream.
My husband and our niece

My nephew wasn't feel well through out the most part of visit. I think he dehydrated. But I heard this morning he went to school. Thank God !

But poor my brother in-laws he is in the hospital now. He had a chest pain and tingling so they called paramedic as soon they got home. The doctors still working to find out what is wrong with him. Pray for him hopefully nothing serious going on. Prayerfully just too tired and excited from the Haunted House :)

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Weekend Blessing

My lovely Orchid bloom again

Lamentations 3:22-23

It is of the Lord's mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not.
They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Spindles End Table Makeover

This table is kind of an interesting project. My husband and I have this plan in our head how we were going to do with it. But it didn't work out. We were thinking to stained the top with Chestnut finish. And paint the rest and the finials.

We already knew not going to work as soon as we found out that the top wasn't a real wood. It's a veneer. As always we want to experiment and see what happened. Soon enough we learned and take a note is not going to work.

We striped over all the stained and made more work for us. After that we sand paper it for the second time. I picked this blue teal color by Valspar ( Sea Wave Signature).

I painted the whole table except the finials. I put 3 coats of paint. After it dried up, I distressed the edges with sand paper and I spray it with Lacquers to finished it up. Spray paint the finials with bronze color.

I love how it turned out and my orchid really compliment it well. This is the second time to bloom after I have this orchid about more than a year ago. You can read how I grow my orchid here !
Have a wonderful and blessed weekend !!!