Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Simple Things You Need To Grow An Orchid

I grew up in tropical country and love being in this type of weather all year around. Don't get me wrong I do love variety of four season as well. Tropical weather is so much different than where I live now. Some of them is having all this beautiful flowers that grow in the Island.

Orchid is one of  them ( one of my favorite flower ). I never thought to grow my own orchid until my husband bought it for my birthday. And I decided to keep the plant after all the flower finally died in almost 2 months. Orchid is one of those flower can bloom for a long time.

My first attempt to grow orchid and it is a big success :)
According to my experience, here are a couple of things you need to grow them. It is very simple.
1. Ice Cube : Put of them about 3-4 cubes twice a week or if you forget once a week is ok too, like my case :)
2. Sun : Put them in place that get enough sunlight, I put them by my window.
3. Patience : This is the hardest part of all. We all have a hard time waiting. It took me for about 6 months of waiting before my hard easy job just putting ice cube finally pays off with beautiful orchid start showing.

Here we go the fruit of that long wait :)
Beautiful Orchid in Our Bedroom !
Hope you can grow your own orchid as well !

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