Friday, March 8, 2013

Pick Your Own Tulips

It has been a productive day for me so far. Have done a couple of things. I shipped a few things that people bought from my ebay, did some laundry and ironing. Last night, I saw this advertisement that Whole Foods has Tulips on sale for 3 bunches/$10 regular price is $7.99/bunch. This sale is today only, I'm tempted to get some for myself as a treat. The problem is I have to drive for about 20 minutes one way just to get tulips {trying to save gas :)}. I decided to pass on this great deal.

Instead, I went to my pictures file and saw all these beautiful tulips that we picked ourselves last Spring at this organic tulip farm. We drove for about 2 and 1/2 hours from our place. The view was beautiful up in the mountain. This farm was beautiful and so inviting. The tulips are organic growing.

The view on the way there
Aren't they beautiful ? I can picture myself just sit on chair there for hours and hours with my afternoon tea. Dont you ?
People are busy picking their own tulips to bring home, taking pictures or just enjoying the beauty of this God's creation.
Red open tulips, love it !
White tulips with its glory !
Orange tulips !
Beautiful weather just a perfect day to spend the day at tulips farm !
Some of these fresh tulips have to come home with us :)
Hope you all have a blessed weekend and do something nice ! 
Perhaps you might go get yourself some tulips !

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