Monday, November 4, 2013

How To Give With a Cheerful Heart ( Without Breaking your Bank )

Hi All !

I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Ours was very laidback and relaxing, enjoying each other company, and did some projects. On Sunday we went to Berkeley Plantation in Charles City for Thanksgiving Festival. According to history this is the First Official Thanksgiving in America.

November is here. Wow....that means Thanksgiving and Christmas are around the corner. Probably some of you already thinking about gifts. Make a long list. Thinking what to give for the person you love and care.

Today, I will share with you some of the gifts that we are going to give on Christmas. These gifts are for Operation Christmas Child. I'm making 5 boxes for this. I have been doing this since before I got married. Ever since I always doing it minimum 2 boxes. Start this year my husband and I made commitment to give the same number the year of our marriage.

We are doing White Elephant at our Church Christmas Celebration and I'm bringing 3 gifts. Thanksgiving dinner Auction all the profit goes to missionaries. I'm making gift basket for this and will adding some of crafts in addition.

Total 8 presents that I need to think of and all of them need to be done before December 7th. This is not counting some other gifts for families and friends. There is no obligation for all of those gifts. But we just want to be a blessing to someone. How do I do it without stressing me out and not breaking our bank ?

1. Make a List
You need to make a list who do you want to give. This is make it easier when you see something on sale.
2. Look For Sale.
After you make list now you know what to buy. Because, you don't always saving money if you buy something and not using what you buy. No matter if it is 90 % off you just threw away your money 10 % of the amount.
3. Don't skip the season sale.
I know some of us skip Easter, Summer Sale because we are looking something for Christmas. I got lots of stuff from Summer Sale to filled my OCC box. Because I know I will give it to children who need school stuff.
4. Couponing
I do this a lot to buy the stuff to filled up my basket.  Most of the stuff I got with coupon. The price I paid it varies from free to 70% off.
5. Thrift Store/Cart Diving
I know this not everyone would have in mind.  Especially the Cart Diving part not every state have Goodwill Auction around. But if you do have one. Please try to go you will probably enjoy it when the auction over and people start to throw away their stuff. I got lots stuff from here too and still in very mint condition or new.

6. Craft
If you are a crafty person you might enjoy to do this. Last year I made two wreaths and donated it for the auction that benefiting missionaries. I made this wreath below out of the old book that I no longer need anymore. So you can make something with a little money but very meaningful.

Have a cheerful and Thanksgiving heart to give on this Christmas !!!


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