Friday, November 22, 2013

Cork Board Makeover ( Using Window Curtain )

I have this cork board just sitting by my laundry room. I got it for free from one of my shopping cart diving. It is a good big size cork board. I don't like how it look. I was thinking to do something with it. Cover it with nice pattern fabric.

I was looking for the fabric I have on hand. But I didn't see anything that I could use at least none of them I like. I was thinking just go head to fabric store. But my thrifty blood said keep looking. Finally, I look at my window figured what I did. Since I have another window curtain just sitting around why not just use this one. Yes....I took down that curtain.  I put the other window curtain on. And start to working on my cork board. I cover the cork with this steps.
1.Iron the fabric use starch to give the best result.
2. Cover the cork and use staple gun to secure it.
3. Now you can see the different from before much better for sure.
4. Make chevron pattern using the ribbon. And make little rossete in between the ribbon.

I'm so glad with the result. Also, I put nail heads for the trim. I hung the JOY sign on the board since Christmas is around the corner. This cork board will go to craft auction at our church benefiting missionary overseas.

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