Thursday, March 28, 2013

Ulos { Batak Traditional Print }

Ulos is Batak traditional Cloth from Sumatra { Batak people, like myself } you can read here about it. We use this fabric a lots at big celebration like wedding, church, funeral etc.

This fabric is very important in our culture. I myself don't have a lot of this fabric { I wish...I do } I have a couple of them and frame it as my wall art in my living room.

In this modern days we use Ulos more creative ways.
 Love this bag { hopefully I can find one when I visit Sumatra next time }

This is such a beautiful dress on this model lady! { I might ask my Aunt who is a seamstess to make one for myself when I visit her next time}
I'm thinking to make pillow cases or table runner  when I figured out to coordinate it with other decoration in my little apartment.{ This will be next project :)}

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