Monday, March 11, 2013

Once Forgotten Coffee Table

I hope you all had a great weekend !
We had a nice weekend, the weather was beautiful on Saturday.

What is it feeling forgotten? This is the feeling  that nobody wants to experience. This month on our church news letter, my pastor wife put the article about feeling forgotten. It was a nice article and open my eyes. David was the great man in the Bible but once he felt forgotten by God. The truth is God never forgotten you and I. I found a good explanation about feeling forgotten  here.

Just like that feeling, I saw a lot of furniture on craiglist for under $20. Those furniture just sit at somebody's garage or sometime on drive way. When I see there is furniture with reasonable price and not too big because we don't have a big car or truck to haul it home. Like this coffee table, I can see the beauty behind it. So, I brought it home and start working on it.

Sure, you don't want to put this table in your living room or family room, neither do I. I start working on it give a little attention and loving care. Paper sanding it on my patio.
After those sanding, I gave first coat of wood wax ( antique cherry shade ) and starting looking good already.
First coat dried, second coat was applied. I took off the doors and spray paint it with white twilight.
 Most of the time we can turn out something bad into a beautiful things.
Mmm I really love how it turned out :)
Now I want to put this coffee table in my living room event my husband love it.
Since I have so much makeover furniture in my little apartment. {My husband already start to call me " Sandford and Son " although I never heard that term until I heard from him }.
I need to send this beauty with someone who love it as well. I put it on craiglist and someone just bought it after a couple of days yay ! ( sad and happy face )
Have you feeling forgotten lately ? Please don't !


  1. I like the name of your blog. GREAT job with this table!!

    Ali of


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