Monday, March 25, 2013

Making Wall Art With What You Already Have

I have been thinking what should I do with the frame I bought from Michael's. While they had 90 % off  that time, I got 5 of this frame and I paid for .25 cents each. I have a plan to put them in our spare bedroom.

Finally, today on this rain mix snow day I have the idea. I want to frame something that I don't have to spend money for an art. My idea is to print out a map of Sumatra Island, Virgnia, NYC and a couple of printable art that I found online. These 3 places have a sentimental meaning in my heart that is why I choose them.

Sumatra Island is my hometown. You might familiar with word of Sumatra if you are a Starbucks coffee drinker.

Virginia is my husband hometown, where he was born, grew up and on this State where we got marriage.

NYC, Queens to be exact was the place where I landed in U.S.A 12 years ago. This city has a special chapter in my life story. I met my husband for the first time in this city 6 years ago.

The bird/chevron art I made it with PicMonkey and the other print I download it a while back from some other site and forgot what site was it.
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