Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Easy Way to Make Pom-Pom

Yesterday I was making a wreath for a Fall decoration. I have lots of yarn that I got for FREE from shopping cart diving, so I made some pom-pom for the wreath. I don't have the tools to make pom-pom. So I used these easy steps to make it. I learned this steps from my Mom way back when I was a teenager.

1. Choose the color you want. I have this brown on hand and it works well for Fall.

2. Wrap the yarn around your 4 fingers ( depending on how big you want ) you may use 3 fingers for a smaller one.

3. Divide into 2 section and wrap it very tight.

4.Cut both ends.
5. Here is your easy to make Pom-pom starting to take shape.

6. Trim around the edges to make it fuller and nice. How easy is that to make a pom-pom.
What easy craft project have you made lately ???


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