Thursday, September 26, 2013

Books Review

Happy Thursday All !

I hope you enjoy your fall season so far. Either you doing project or just enjoy the time of this beautiful weather. I have this goal to read a couple of books in a month. Last month I read two books.

First book I read was from Dave Ramsey with title More than Enough. I heard about Dave Ramsey the first time through a radio station and search about him. Since then I love his teaching and book. This book really open your mind. Especially in today culture we want to have more and more. Sadly, most of the time we don't need those stuff.
I grew up in a country where everything you have to pay cash at least when I was still stay there 12 years ago. So things were very hard back then. I learn to be content in every situation. My parents teach me as long as you have clothes on your body, food on the table and able go to school those things are more than enough. Everything else just additional or luxuries . And this book just bring back all those principle and simple life.

This book teach me to view life differently. It's really help you in your relationship, money and your community. He include his wife view in this book as well. It's really an eye opening in your relationship. My husband and I are grew up in totally different world. How we view money is very different. This book it really help. Although he did not read it but I explained it to him. Or better yet read it out loud to him :)
Changing your attitude toward your job and the environment around you. Building your character. Teach you to be more patient. So many more things you can learn from this book. One things I like the most is he included some of the Bible view to this book. I promise it will change your view of life. If you have time and love to read you should put this book on your reading list.

The second book I read was this Christian fiction novel by Lori Wick called Sophie's Heart. This book is really touching my heart and I cried lots ( I'm very emotional :). I almost spent the whole night read this book one time. Sophie's is an immigrant from Czech Republic. Came to US just like all other immigrant to change life and looking for a new opportunity. She was amazing through all the hard times in her journey.

From work at the restaurant in Chicago and become a housekeeper in a small town of Wisconsin to a widower Alec Riley and his 3 children. In between this job and journey she keep trusting God and believe in Him. Sophie it really does changes your heart. Her attitude toward everything is so wonderful. I knew she cant do it by herself unless Jesus live in her heart. There is some flaws here and there. Again as a human being you always find that nobody perfect except Jesus. But Sophie did great. Especially how she handle Alec's kids behavior. Most of the time his kids are great but there is a moment when they are hard to deal with. At the end of the story Alec Riley fallen in love with her and took her as a wife. I love her simplicity and truly grateful with her life. Love this novel. This is the first book I read by Lori Wick. I might want to find another book she wrote.

What books have you read lately and were you enjoy it ??

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