Thursday, September 5, 2013

Things Around Here

Hi All !! Oh already the 5th day of September !! Where did the time go ?

I hope you have a wonderful day. The weather is getting cool and nice around here.

This past weekend we went to visit one of my husband friends from his childhood in nursing home close to Roanoke, VA. about 3 hours away from us. They went to Christian school together. {No my husband not that old yet so he has friend from his childhood who lives in nursing home:)}.
His name is Jack. His been there for the last 2 months. Before, his mom the one took care of him in their house. But his mom is getting old and not able to do it anymore. He had a car accident 18 years ago and cause  his whole body paralyzed until now.
Sometimes we don't understand why God's allow him to experience this. But one thing I know He is in control in every circumstances of our life. I am so blessed to visit Jack. He is in a very good spirit and knowing that God is in control. He know when the time is come Jesus call him home he will be in the better place and happiest place ever. He ask my husband to pray with him before we left the nursing home. Please bring him in your prayer.  I took a picture of him and my husband with his permission. {Redskins fan and Cowboys fan:)}

We were thinking to visit Smith Lake Mountain on the way back. But it didn't happen because of the weather. Instead we were stopped by at Farmville, VA. I heard about this place with their furniture and rugs. But never check it out until this past weekend. They have a huge selection of rugs and furniture. With so many different warehouse building.

If you are in the market looking for a rug and live not far from this place. I think you should check it out.

Love this Moroccan style end table. But not sure about the price tag :)
We were not able to visit all the building because they were getting ready to close when we got there. Probably we will make another trip next time.
We took a walk around this small town and exploring what else they have. And had some dinner at Fishin Pig.

I am working on this table that I got from Goodwill auction. I will make another post how it looks after :)

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