Thursday, June 13, 2013

NOAH Play And Lancaster Trip

Hi all !! I hope you have a wonderful day! It is HOT today in my area, you feel toasty outside ! Thank God for the AC ! I have been busy for the last of couple days between work, Ebay and clean up my apartment. And plus my left eye has some of red-ness not sure what cause it. I just put an eye drop and see how it goes before I go to see the doctor.

Last weekend we went to Lancaster, PA with my husband cousin and his wife plus our nephew. We had a great time. We saw a life play production of Noah story. It was a great show, really remind me that God judgment will come either we believe it or not. Most people won't believe it and laugh about it just like people around Noah. It brought tears to my eye to see how family separate, between brother and brother, parents and child. If you happened live close to Lancaster or even make a road trip you should make time to see Noah  Play. Or they have Joseph  play in Branson, MI we saw this one and we really enjoyed it.

The Lion and The Lamb
After the show we went to Good n Plenty their food were amazing and fresh. They made everything  in the house from the bread, butter and all those good stuff. We had family style dinner, they bring everything from appetizer to dessert. The price a little bit high but I think you can go by the menu.

We explore downtown Lancaster. We have been to see a couple of play in sight and sound but haven't have an opportunity to explore the city itself. This past weekend we made time and stay for a night. We went to Central Market ( the oldest farmer market in US ). I love this market, it really bring memory back the traditional market in my country except is 20 time more cleaner and organize :). We got a lot of stuff. I wish I was live around here. They have all this bakery and most made by Amish people.

My husband and our nephew having a good time to shop all those sweet !
I got myself this beautiful Peonies for .75 cent each ( want to plant them in my yard when we have a house )
One room school in the Amish Community ( remind me the show of  Little House on Prairie,  my favorite )
Amish Scooter
We drove by the country side of Amish Village. The view is really breath taking. To see all the simplicity, the way they live their life. Sometimes, I just need to see this kind of life to remind me the meaning of life without all the chaos. We stop by at the furniture store that sell all the stuff made by Amish. They were really good quality furniture. But the price a little bit to high for our wallet :)

I wish we could ride this buggy home and get to my bed in 5 hours :)

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