Friday, June 28, 2013

Simple July 4th Vignette

Happy Friday all ! Wow...time is flies without we even know it. Can you believe it ! We are almost done with 1/2 of the year 2013. Summer is here with all the fun and sun. Long day and short night. I love this weather without the humidity though :)

Since Independence Day is coming in less than a week. I will share with you my simple Vignette 4th of July.
I made this banner with Word program, print it out on regular white paper and cut and tape it into a triangle blue card stock paper. Very simple and easy !

I used pic monkey program for this printable and using 2 Chronicles 7 : 14 as the content.  
 I love this verse !! Since 4th of July all about blue, red and white color so I used those colors for this printable.

What  I use for this decorations are this church,  vases that I spray paint with transparent white, blue, and red. I will make another post about these vases and where the inspiration came from.

I am really glad that I made this little simple project for 4th of July. I wasn't plan to make any but sometimes things that you don't plan that is the best :)



  1. What a sweet vignette! I really like the red, white and blue vases and the banner! Thanks for joining TTF this week!


    1. Hi Linda, thank you for stopped by ! Those vases are a Goodwill finds ! Thanks for having me at TTF :) Have a great weekend !


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