Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Wall Art Painting { Bargain }

Happy Wednesday ! I had a good day today. Spent a lot of time outside. The weather was really nice in our area.

Do you like to use painting to decorate wall in your house/apartment?. We do like to use them the only thing we don't like the price. They not really friendly with our pocket :). So, the solution we always hunting for a good painting and fit our taste. We have been collecting several painting in our apartment. All of them are relatively a bargain price. And some of them have sentimental story with us.

I love this oil painting, it reminding us of our trip and the beauty of my country. We purchased it in Bali. The picture is about the beautiful view by the rice field and women working on it. We paid around $15 converter from Indonesian currency (just for the painting ). We got the framed from Michaels when they have sale.

This water color painting we got it from Goodwill. We paid $20 and already framed. I love the frame, the details. It sign Sheffield on the painting. Not sure if it is mean anything? But I just glad to have it. ( Sorry for the pictures quality )
This painting is a water color, a knockoff Thomas Kinkade. My husband love Thomas Kinkade painting. The problem is we cant afford the real one :). This one is  good enough. We got it from Ocean City, MD. I like the light effect on the painting.

The beauty of central park NYC. I miss this park, I had so many memories in this park. I went here a lot when we were live in Queens. We got this water color painting from Goodwill for $4. I might need to change the frame and the matting later in the future.


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