Friday, April 5, 2013

Happy Birthday Baby Brother { Only By God's Grace }

Have you ever imagined being married with 5 kids { 4 sons and 1 daughter } and by the time you have your youngest at the age of 4 months, God's calls your husband to be with Him forever? What would you do? You live in a thirld world country, no job ! I can't imagine that myself.

Today is the birthday of that baby boy. That hot day is still fresh in my mind. The day after celebrating our Independence Day, August 18, 1989. There we were mourning and in deep sorrow at the loss of our father.

That 4 month old baby boy did not even know what was going on. He was like any other baby in this world... so precious and cute { in my opinion :)}. You kept growing with lots of love from Mom and all of your siblings. Our Mom depended on help from many neighbors to raise us, especially with this baby boy. At times, we had to leave you home alone sleeping for a couple of hours in the morning{ Sure, you can't do this nowdays, especially in the States } while everyone else went to school and Mom had to work for us to survive. We just trusted the Lord to take care of you, baby brother.

God is so gracious. Through it all, you grew to be a good young man, even without a father figure in your life. Somehow, God had another plan in our life. Years later, He took our Mom when you were just 14 years old. I just can't image how that made you feel. I'm sure you were devastated and sad beyond imagination. Again, God's showed us His Grace and gave assurance that He is in full control.

Today you are a young man with a good heart who loves God and declared that He is your personal Savior through Jesus Christ. { Keep Loving Him }

You are not perfect. There are lots of things still to work on in your life. You are still strugling to finish school { senior year in college, please keep it up so you can have your diploma this year}

Through it all, there were valleys and mountains since you were born. Today, God's plan and grace are always taking care of you.

Happy Birthday Fransisco, God Bless You always !!! Love you my baby brother !!!


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