Monday, March 31, 2014

Book Review : Almost Amish (5 Things I Learn)

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We went to my brother and sister in law house and had a great time with them. My husband and I played Uno with our niece and that was great. We had dinner there and I brought chocolate cake peeps sun flower for dessert.

I found this book from library last week the title Almost Amish by Nancy Sleeth. Out of curiosity I checked it out and read it. The book is very enjoyable, easy  and I do learn something out of it. The content of the book the author wrote is about the simple life that Amish people have.

Things that I love about this book is the author corporate it with the bible view of life. She and her family live the simple life that they adopt from Amish life style. They left the American dream life they have had once.

I have visited the Amish village several times in Lancaster, PA and drove around their neighborhood. I just love to see how simple is their life and very peaceful. Reading this book give me more insight to understand their life style.

Our life in today society is very demanding without we realized it. We try to impress people that we don't even know. And in order to fulfill that we often to have debt. We bombarded with all the busyness and hectic life that very demanding.

This book bring us back what is the important things in our life. The very simple life which surrounding by people we love and have quality time with them.

This book tells you the very basic view of our home, society, financial and faith also how we should live our life in this technology era without being a slave of it.


When we first meet someone one of the common question we ask people is where do you live ? Something about where we live that tell people about our house and who do we live with. House is not always home but home is definitely a house. Home is where we share our very personal things and spend most of our life. According to this book Amish people spend most of their time at home or surrounding it. And don't get it wrong although they spend most their time around home they always busy doing stuff like gardening, quilting, cooking or other chores. And their house seems very clean from outside ( from what I saw ) and not clutter. So, they make their home the center of their life and very important to them. Without all the fancy and glittering things that sometime the world offer.


I cant imagine life without faith. Every person in this entire world I believe has some kind of believe in something. I personally, I believe in God through Jesus Christ who saved me by His amazing grace. This book tell us that Amish people have a very strong faith. And they practice it in their everyday life.


This topic is a very hot topic in now days economy. People try to save money here and there ( including myself ). We try to get better job and make more money to support our need or wants. This book tell us that they take the financial principle from the bible. I agree 100 % with that because bible teach us how to manage what God has entrusted us very clear.


They help each other and very hospitable with one another. I need to do this more with people around me and more friendly.


From what I heard and read Amish doesn't use much technology or they almost don't use them. Sometimes in our own life we need this to get away from it and get recharged. I do feel guilty this myself.

Now is time for me to apply them into my everyday life :)

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  1. Might have to read this!!! I love reading Amish books, so I know I will enjoy this one. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I'm sure you will enjoy the book as much as I did ! Thanks for stopping by !!


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