Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Simple Things To Make Your House a Home

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When I have a long day out of my house to do such as a work, running an errands or some other things. I always looking forward to come home. Something about home that give you comfort and peace.

My husband always said no matter how tired he is or complicated is out there. He always feel better when he is home. Why we all feel comfort and peace and long to come home. Is it because we have big house, filled with expensive stuff or perfect ? In my case none of those although nothing wrong with that if you can afford them.

After we got married almost 6 years ago. I try to make our  house feel like home despite we live in a small space and moving 3 times. Most important thing to make house feel like home are the person/people you live with and love. Some other things to make our house feel like home are :
Batak Traditional House


I love to see clean place. I think all of us will agree to this. It is take an effort to make a house clean or organize. It doesn't happen instantly. Its a perpetual cycle that you do over and over. But the reward is really pay off.


You don't need to have big or fancy house to make it personal and have character. Everytime we move to a new place I instantly decorate it with my style. You can decorate on budget without breaking your bank. Most of my decoration stuff I got from bargain either thrift store or clearance rack.


Something about food that we can all relate and make the conversation life. When we know someone for the first time and want to know that person. Most common thing we do is inviting the person to have dinner, lunch or a cup of coffee. My husband love when I cook for dinner. He always ask what we are going to have for dinner. I'm not a good cook but I always try and learn to how to.

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