Friday, September 19, 2014

Bring Back The Old Dresser Into Delicious Peach Taste

I found this dresser one day just sitting by my dumpster apartment. I asked my husband to bring it into the house ( that is what husband for right to lift the heavy stuff :) Thanks babe !!. Although, he was hesitate at first with my crazy idea. I told him I will do something with it. The dresser was still in a great condition. Only need to be clean and refresh with paint.

So, we start work on it and magic happened it turned out into a beautiful, lovely and tasty peach. I used all the materials I already have on hand. Paint and the old knobs from the church yard sale I found a while back and cost me about $2 total. I put it on craigslist so somebody else will enjoy it to.

We really enjoyed working with this dresser and much happier today someone just came to get it.

I wish I took picture before I did all the work but I think you will enjoy the after better :)

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  1. I often forget to take my before pictures! Looks like you did a great job on it!

    1. Thank you Michelle for you sweet comment !! I was too exciting to do all the work without take the dirty picture first :) Need to remember it next time !!


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