Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Our Thanksgiving Day !!

What a great year !! I cant believe it the year of 2014 almost over. This year has been challenging year for me and my husband. Between job and  moving for the 4th times of our 6 years marriage ( 3 states and 4 apartments). Up and down our life, happy and sad. This year we learn lots of things in life. We counting our blessings one by one. Some of our prayer got answers like we desires. And still some of the prayers we still waiting for the best according to God's will in our life. Meanwhile, we keep continue to counting our blessings day by day.

This past Thanksgiving weekend. We went to our friends house to have some beautiful dinner and Indonesian food. My uncle and aunt was there too. It has been almost a year since I don't see them.

After dinner, we went for some crazy black Friday shopping for a while :). We got some good deals for me and my dear husband.

Saturday, my husband brother's invited us to their house for another Thanksgiving dinner. Also, having fun put up their Christmas tree with our nephew and niece.

What a great Thanksgiving day !! Thank you dear God !!

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