Thursday, February 21, 2013

Share it with LOVE

We don't usually celebrate Valentine's with a big surprise. My husband and I just had a nice dinner and he bought me flowers.
This time was not much diffrent, especially we just lost my father in law. I will post about it later. I posted some about it  here.

We went to seafood place called Conch Republic for dinner and the food was great. I had jambalaya and mr. Potato had Scallop on top of adamame, rice, potato and it was delicious.

We did not have dessert at the restaurant because we were so full, instead we bought some stawberries and chocolate and made our own chocolate covered stawberries and it was yummy, most of  all it was made with LOVE :)

I got him this helicopter that his been wanting it for quite a while. He was so happy and touch, plus got him a card.

He bought me this beautiful tulips and love them with a little nice note came a long with them :)
One of  his cousin's wife gave me this beautiful flowers, it was really nice of her !



Some of my Valentine's decorations.
After all, we had nice, simple and romantic Valentine's together. Most of all we had each other and love each other with the LOVE never ending which is God's Love!
Hope you all had a nice Valentine's too !!

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