Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Yellow and Gray Room

We have two bedroom and one of them doesnt have bed. Last month, we got a futon from Walmart with a charcoil color similar to gray I guess. Im thinking to decorate the room with Gray and Yellow color.
Mainstas Contempo Futon from Walmart
We like the sofa, it is relatively comfortable to sit and lay down so when we have someone come over and stay, we have something for them to sleep.
I have not decorate this spare bedroom since we moved in last August.
Here are some inspiration idea using gray and yellow color.

Photo Credit to some other site
I love the frame work at the wall, since we are renting Im not really willing to paint the wall, so as much as I can I want to leave the color as it is off white. So this art work should be nice, I have a couple of frame that I got from Michaels a while back.
I found this pillow from Target website and I think will be nice to use them.
I love this yellow fabric the flower print and the bird, thinking to use it for a window curtain. I will check my local fabric store or who knows I will find something from thrift store :)
Check this lamp shade, found from  World Market  website and the price not bad at all, I wonder if my local World Market have it.
This one nice too, I found it from  Target , I love both of them, will see which one I will use later.
Photo Credit
This room looks beautiful with the pop-up yellow, the chaise so inviting make you just want to take a nap there :)

Same with this one instead of gray chaise this one is yellow, so these 2 idea kind of similiar with what I going to do with my futon. I hope it turn out nice as all these idea :)


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