Thursday, February 21, 2013

Say it with Flower

Spring is coming up and one of my favorite season beside Summer. I like to share about flower around me since we got married almost 5 years ago.

My husband is one of those guys like to buy flower when it come to a special occasion. Which is I love it, my only problem is the price that I am not willing to pay. So to make both of us happy I told him next time just buy me flower from the grocery store or an orchid, win-win solution I guess. Prayerfully and hopefully we will be able to buy a house soon in the next future with a yard so I can plant my own flower :)

Here are some of the very special flowers to me !

The first flower arrangement for my first birthday since I met him in 2007

The first Valentine's we celebrate together since we got married

Tulips at Brooklyn Botanical Garden in NYC on our date

Not sure what you called this one, but this flower I captured at our honeymoon

My bouquet at our wedding

These orchids are from my birthday last year, and now are blooming for the second time :)

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