Saturday, May 18, 2013

Decorating Bath Room With Budget (Using What You Have)

Hi all ! Happy Weekend ! Hope you have a wonderful one !
We kind of just relaxing and chilling at home today. The weather looks gloomy and the weather man said will rain later this afternoon.

I will share with you how I decorate my spare bathroom/powder room with budget. And still looks nice and inviting for our company.

This is how it looks, I don't really have any theme for this bathroom. I'm using what I have around my apartment.

Curtain shower I got it from freecycle when I was live in NYC. I like the color and it work good with the season Spring/Summer.
I bought the hook from dollar tree store.

We recently got this picture from our trip to Myrtle Beach, SC. My husband loved the word on it so we bought it home as a souvenir for $17 and change.
I got this cute reminder of God's love from dollar store a while back.

Nothing make you happier than a fresh flowers ( got it from friend's garden :) and the little elephant vase is a gift from one of our friends.
The subway art printing on the wall.  I print them out from this blog twotwentyone, eighteen25 and I can't find the other one. I framed them with dollar tree frames and only cost me $3. Hand towel I got them from Amazon using my swagbucks gift card for about $2.
The lotion is free from Victoria Secret and hand soap was free as well using coupon.
After all, cost me around $25 dollar to decorate this bathroom that is because the picture we got from Myrtle Beach otherwise will be under $10.
Have a great weekend my friends and be blessed !

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