Saturday, May 4, 2013

36 Things About Me { Happy Birthday To Me }

Hi there I hope you all have a blessed weekend !
Today is my special day the day that God decided to bring me to this world through my parents. I want to share 36 things about me you might you want to know. Let's start shall we :)
1. I was born and raised in Sumatra Island Indonesia
2. I love Jesus
3.  I was born and raised in Lutheran and saved ( born again) when I live in NYC
4. I love my husband and so blessed to be his wife
5. I'm the only girl from 5 siblings
6. I lost my Dad and Mom (14 years after Dad) at my young age
7. I helped my Mom to raised my youngest brothers as she worked hard to provide for the family.
8. I used to skip school a couple of times at high school { I know I was bad }
9. I had my Associate degree from computer programming { If you ask me now about programming I don't have any clue at all :( }
10. I was active at my church back home { Medan }
11. I used to live in NYC for more than 10 years ( Queens ) before I moved to Virginia
12. I'm a Baptist after I moved to US
13. I love a big city life { starting to love Virginia though :) }
14. I can't swim { feel scared when my feet can't touch the ground level of the pool or ocean }
15. I don't like roller coaster
16. I'm scared of heights
17. I can't sing { surprise I used to join choirs at my church }
18. I love rice :)
19. I love to work with kids
20. I had my driver license for over 10 years and just active drive for the last 4 years.
21. I don't like exercise
22. I start to use and speak English since I came to the State still need a lot improvement.
23. I'm bad at grammar { you might figured that out by now :) }
24. I love spicy food
25. I love beach
26. I love outdoor space ( hiking, gardening or even just enjoy the weather )
27. I met my husband online
28. I speak 3 different language { Batak, Indonesia, and English}
29. I'm 4.11 tall and 5 and 1/2 shoes { I love being petite }
30. I love couponing ( since mid 2012)
31. I love chocolate
32. I love to bake but not to eat what I baked :)
33. My favorite flowers are orchid, jasmine and calla lilies
34. I can't sew
35. I'm a morning person
36. I'm thankful that God bless me with this big number in my life { although my hair start changing color :) }

My brother and I ( I was about 7 years old )
Thank you Lord for this wonderful day !

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