Friday, May 10, 2013

Mother's Day { Special Women In My Life }

I hope you have a wonderful day ! I have been busy painting, packing and shipped my stuff at eBay.

Since Mother's Day is this weekend. I want to blog about my Mom and all the special women in my life. My Mom was one of a kind women that I knew. She became widow on her young age. She worked hard to provide for all her children after my father pass away. She woke up early every morning around 4 am. There were a lots of things I could say about my Mom. I wish she is still here with me but God knows what the best for her and us ( all her children). I thank God for a short of time I have with her. I treasure all the moment. She shape me to be the woman I am now. One thing for sure I learn from my Mom is her frugal life :). I love you Mom { I will see you again in the most beautiful moment, have a wonderful time with Jesus !}

The is picture of my family ( sorry for the blur) , back then picture was a fancy thing {this the only picture I have :( }
My Aunt is kind of like Mom to me. She lives in NYC for the last almost 40 years or more. She is the one who introduce us to the Salvation in Jesus Christ. She has a special place in my heart. She is such a lovely woman. She doesn't have kids of  her own ( after married for almost 26 years). Instead she took care of us after my parents passed. She support us in moral, financial etc. I thank God for her. We are so blessed to have you  as our Aunt !!
My Uncle, Me and My Aunt in Atlanta at friends of ours wedding
Last but not least my mother in-law. She is such  a sweet heart. Lovely woman. Her health isn't really good right now. So you have a hard time to have communication with her. But from what I heard she was a good cook. My husband love her potato salad and macaroni salad. I tried to ask for the recipe but with her condition is kind of hard. I thank God for my Mother in-law for bringing and raised such a wonderful man. And thanks for giving me that man :)
She is such a beautiful lady !
Have a wonderful Mother's Day ladies !! And enjoy your weekend !! Be Blessed !!

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