Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas Wreath ( Not meant to be )

Happy Monday all ! I hope you have a better weather than us. Ours it's been freezing raining since Saturday night until tomorrow. We couldn't go to church yesterday because of the icy road. But we still have our devotion at home. And had nice Sunday. We just enjoy each other, did some final touch with Christmas decoration. And made nice chilly in the crockpot for dinner.

I made this wreath just want to try out how it looks like since I have all this stars ornament from last year. Also, this ribbon hole which I got for free, leftover from my friend wedding decoration. Basically I just wrap up the ribbon around the wreath. Slip the stars inside the ribbon. Adding some this little ball ornament. I didn't even use any glue or anything just secure it with the wreath itself. The finishing touch I put this Merry Christmas sign. I hang it by the door and I kind of like it. First I wasn't so sure about it. And I asked my husband he said not bad. So, I just leave it in our front door for our Christmas wreath.

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