Tuesday, October 7, 2014

For The Love of Andy Griffith Show

This past weekend my husband and I took a trip up to the mountains of  North Carolina... Mt. Airy to be exact. Mayberry days were in full swing and husband is a big fan of the Andy Griffith show and he watches it every night before he goes to bed. I know you would be bored but not my husband. There is something about that show that makes him fall asleep right away.

This weekend, we decided to take a trip to see our first Mayberry day. This is our second trip to visit Mt. Airy the first one was here.


Andy Griffith must be a family thing because his cousin is even crazier about the show. What a great way to spend time with family. We meet them at his parents farm house which wasn't far from Mt. Airy... about a 30 minute drive.


We got there Friday afternoon and went to Mt. Airy for a couple of hours. Because it was Friday there wasn't much going on. Basically, we just walked around the town and visited the courthouse. Spending the night at the farm house was great. We really enjoyed  the hospitability of my husband's Aunt and Uncle. We slept so good. I just love the feeling of the mountains and the quietness of the farm. They have such a nice and warm, welcoming family. Life in the country reminds me of my the times I visited my grandma as a child.

The next morning we went to Mt. Airy again for the parade which started at 9 o'clock in the morning. I personally loved the parade but there didn't seem to be much else that you didn't have to pay to see. We went to the Andy Griffith museum and had lunch at snappy lunch. I heard it was really famous for their pork chop sandwich. It was worth the 40 minute wait in line. I think this was the most popular place in town and the price wasn't bad at all.


Yum pork chop sandwich from snappy lunch !!

My husband wasn't really impressed with Mayberry days. They don't put very much into it. For me it's a very basic festival. I think because this show is getting old or is it just me. But we still enjoyed our weekend and had a great time with the family.
The farm house

What a peaceful life in the country
My husband's cousin and his wife
My husband's Aunt and Uncle and us
And the most interesting thing was my husband just found out about the family history from his uncle that his great grandparents from his dad's side came and used to live in the town close the his Aunt's farm house. We went to visit his great grandparents cemetery.
My husband's great grandparents were once a members of this church and his great grandma used to play organ here

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