Friday, October 17, 2014

Thrifting Found in Cincinnati OH

My husband has been in Cincinnati since the first week of  September. He has a project at his home base company which is in Cincinnati for about 3 months. He stay in hotel studio with  kitchenette . I came here in first week of October to be with him.

While we are here, we take the advantage exploring the City of Cincinnati. One thing I like to do go to thrift store.

We visit Goodwill store a few days ago. Discount system in Virginia and Cincinnati is different. On the day that we went they have 50 % off everything no exclusion. They always have some kind of discount everyday. I have the whole month of October calendar.

They do have Value City Thrift, this store only have 25 % of on Monday. But if you have patient looking through out the store you might find something for .29 and hit the jack pot. The store is huge, well at least the one that we have been in Fairfield area also the one close to Kenwood area ( I forgot the exact )

We found some nice things from Goodwill with reasonable price after the discount. Note : Goodwill price now days is very high in my opinion.

We found this Waterford footed compote for $3 after discount. This is a real steal. Someone sell it on eBay for $200. We debating should we sell it or keep it :)

All these clothes 50 % off from $4.99 I found some good stuff and one of them still new. Don't you just love thrifting :)????
Men's Ralph Lauren Sweater
J. Crew Blazer

Twig and Perch by Anthropologie
INC cardigan
Ann Taylor LOFT

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