Thursday, October 23, 2014

Living in a Hotel

Taking a vacation and getting away from your normal activities for about a week sounds really appealing. Don't you agree ? But going away from your house for about more than 2 months and living in hotel. What do you think ? Especially  when you are staying in the fanciest hotel in town :)

My husband has been living in a hotel for more than 2 months. He is doing a project for his job in their corporate office. I come along with him about a month ago.

The company put my husband in an Extended Stay America. My husband doesn't have much of a problem about living in a hotel. Basically, he just comes to the hotel to sleep at night. As for me, living in a hotel is a different story. I don't have a job at the moment, so I have to find something to keep me busy while he is at work.

Do I wish I could stay in my own space with all of the stuff that I am familiar with? Sure. I would love that! But... to be close with my husband on a daily basis, I have to sacrifice all of those things.

Some activities to keep me busy during the day when my husband is working. And keep my sanity !

1. Being Content

I give thanks that I still have place to stay and remember what brought us here... my husband job. That means we still have a job to help us survive in a tough economy and enjoy the opportunity to travel. It is so hard to find a job in today's world.

2. Work/Activity

I don't have a regular day job with regular hours. So, I sell stuff on eBay and searching for stuff at thrift stores to sell and make some money. I also love to blog.

3. Keep my schedule in order

8 am- 9am : wake up ( I noticed that I have become lazy since living in the hotel ) my husband said "you never wake that late at home". Not sure what is going on :)

9 am- 11am : devotion time, breakfast & coffee, check email, call back home to Indonesia

11am-12:30 : take a shower; prepare lunch for me and my husband ( we always have a lunch date either in the room or out at a restaurant )

1pm- pm : working on my eBay store or blog/ reading blogs ( or some other activity )

3:30-4pm : quick nap

4pm-5:30pm: preparing dinner; checking the internet/facebook

5:30-6:30 : dinner with hubby

6:30-9pm: we go for a walk or browsing the Cincinnati area

9-11pm : Back into the hotel spending time with hubby/quiet time

Repeat again Monday-Friday

4. Exploring the city we stay

During the weekend we have lots of activities either staying and exploring the city where we are or go back home to check our house to make sure it is still in one piece. Last weekend, we took a road trip to Chicago.

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