Friday, December 27, 2013

Around Our Christmas

What a great Christmas !!! We had a nice one ! I hope yours too !! Most of all I thank God for gave me His only Son to saved my soul. That is the most precious gift I ever received.

On Christmas Eve. I made a nice sea food  dinner just my husband and I. All the food were delicious.

After that we went for a tacky light tour around our area. We just love to see how people going crazy with lights on this Christmas season. I cant imagine how much electric bill they have to pay during the month of December. I thank them for that so I can enjoy the beauty of lights :)

Just love this house very classy with all the wreaths

My husband and I start new tradition for fun. Get each other gift with max price $10 but my husband ended up spent $13. He got me nice and warm sleepers for my toes with beautiful note. I got him movies on sale from Target.

boxes keep you curious  :)

On Christmas day we went to my brother in law house for dinner. We had a great time there. Opening gifts and relaxing from the busy month of Christmas.

goofy around with our niece

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