Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Favorite Projects in 2013

This blog has been a blessing to me in so many different ways since I start it last year. Keep me organized with my little apartment. Also, with all my little projects. I also blessed with many different great project ideas from the other blogs.

I have a lot of projects and things happened in our life last year. I will review some of my favorite projects in 2013.

I made this tablescape during Easter with eggs shell vase.

This country looking end table was a postponed project from previous winter finally I finished it on the Spring time.

I got this unique end table from Goodwill Auction and just love the shape. I painted it and put walnut cherry finish on top. Just love how it turned out.

I made an art work from this blouse that I got from one of my friend and its got smaller. I love the embroider on it.

I just found about this shopping cart diving and hooked with it. I got lots of goodies that I can use around my projects and decorations. As a matter of fact I use the ribbon to decorate my Christmas tree this year.

Love how this old sewing machine table turned out. I painted it with all white.

This bamboo coffee tablet project was the easiest one during this year. And someone even tempted come all the way from North Carolina about 4 hours away to buy it. But they changed their mind. Instead someone closer travel 1 and 1/2 hours away came to get it :)

Hmm....this apple cake was so yum ! You should give it a try in the fall time :)

Oh...what a great year in 2013. I thank God for all His blessings and cant wait what He will give us in 2014 !!! Happy New Year All !!

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  1. How fun to look back at some great projects.


    1. That is so right Glenda. I just love to see back all the memories when I did those project.


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