Thursday, February 20, 2014

Life Principle I Have Learn From Winter Olympic

Hi Everyone ! I hope you all doing good ! We still have a great weather here in our area around 50 - 60 degrees during the day and I just love it. The bird starting to chirping outside.

I cant wait for a Spring season. Meanwhile we are enjoying the winter too. Especially, winter Olympic game is still going on. We are watching it every night and love to see all the Olympian compete for the medal.

I have learn a couple of things from watching the game that I can apply to my own life. How to fight and keep going until the end . Either you get medal or not in my opinion they always be winner. Because they put all they have in that competition field. And I know is not easy to do.

Here is some life principle that I learn from watching Olympic game.

1. Discipline
I have a hard time to apply this in my own life. This Olympian must be doing the same things over and over again on the training camp.

2. Perseverance
I saw the man figure skating on the ice one night I think he is from USA. He was falling down on that ice. I thought he would be done with it, instead he got up and keep going. That was really touching and I really admire his perseverance on that ice. At the end he was proud of himself because he fought to the end and not give up.

3. Time Management
When you are having a goal in your life I think time management one of the most important aspect that we need. Without this nothing can get accomplish. We might just circling the ball.

4. Persistence.
This kind of relate with point #2.

5. Sacrifice
All these athlete sacrifice a lot in their life to get to where they are now. Sacrifices time, money, social life and some other things.

I congratulate all the Olympian athletes and wish them the best. Thank  you for giving me the life lesson while I enjoying watching it. The fun part now is to apply them in my own my life because I still struggle with those things.

I hope you enjoy the winter Olympic as much as we do !!

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